Win Hill – a few hours in The Peak District

Win Hill is one of my favourite hikes in The Peak District. It has the varied options of a short to mid hike with woodlands, moors and hills, of course! Views from Win Hill are excellent, on clear days you can see The Great Ridge, Winnats Pass, Alports and have lovely views over Ladybower. When... Continue Reading →


Starting again…..

Back to it!!! It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything and also a long time since I’ve been out in The Peak District, doing a full proper hike. The blog has been neglected due to fact I’ve been so busy with my day job and I’ve had a real lull in appetite to... Continue Reading →

The Lakes… an amazing place.

What a start to 2018. The day job has been super demanding and with client trips abroad and my time has been really limited. Couple that with wanting to spend any spare time at the weekend with my family, I haven’t been out hiking since early January.   This prompted me to look at how... Continue Reading →

Boosting that Mood…

So, we are well into the working life since the festive period. Folk are hitting the gyms, eating clean and attempting to maintain those New Years resolutions. I say good job and luck to them! But, there are other ways to hit the new year blues. Obviously, getting outside is a key mood buster, not... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Me….

It’s that time again. You will see it all over social media, “New Year, New Me”. What you will also see is scoffs and negativity around this aspirational phrase. Even businesses that rely on this attitude poke fun and make posts saying “yeah yeah yeah.... NYNM!!” Personally, I have nothing but admiration for people that... Continue Reading →

Wandering Peaks & Why?

Wandering Peaks........ Born out of boredom, restlessness and a thirst for improving wellbeing. This post started out as part of the About page and started with the strap-line of "We are here to help, to ensure that your inner adventurer is awakened. We will be detailing the trials and tribulations of hiking, the fun of... Continue Reading →

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